Status images

Temporarily used images and their meaning

ThumbSniper provides different dummy images to reflect the current generator status for a requested URL. These images should make it easier for you to distinguish the thumbnail creation progress:


Thumbnail creation in progress

This image means that the creation of a thumbnail for the requested URL is either queued or is already being processed.


Indexing forbidden by robots.txt

Some websites use a robots.txt file to manage page indexing. If this file forbids indexing, ThumbSniper will not process the URL and shows this final image instead.


Broken target URL

This image is shown if there was an error while processing the requested URL. The cause may be a typo in the URL, a no longer available website or some other connection problem. In rare cases it may also be possible that the generators stopped processing because of some other problem.


Usage policy violation

You should never see this image… and your site’s visitors shouldn’t, too. BUT: if it’s exposed that a website uses the ThumbSniper service against the rules, the website will be blocked and all thumbnail images will be replaced by this one.