ThumbSniper's thumbnails can be used in differents ways. This page lists the known libraries and plugins to give you an overview.

Tooltip library

ThumbSniper's tooltip library is an easy way to integrate ThumbSniper on your website. It makes use of the great and awesome qTip2 plugin and generates tooltips for all/some hyperlinks. It's written in PHP and JavaScript and can be integrated easily.

A link to the download page will follow soon...


There's a nice plugin available for WordPress, which integrates the tooltip library to make it easier to use. This is a stable release which works nicely with the latest WordPress version and is still being improved to become more powerful. As of now, the most important features are:

  • enhance all/external hyperlinks or by specifying the CSS class "thumbsniper"
  • choose from a list of available image sizes
  • pick one of the awesome thumbnail effects
  • select from a variety of different tooltip styles
  • optionally integrate a hyperlink's title tag
  • change tooltip positions dynamically

Get it here: ThumbSniper for WordPress

There's more

Please visit again later to get information about more ways to use the tooltips.